A topical yet timeless story about the impact of bullying and how it ultimately affects the innocent, Turner Risk is the first large-scale production of Phenomenon Filmworks. 

      The film particularly focuses on how modern day millennials just entering adulthood cope with the challenges the world brings them – challenges they are not quite ready to face. 


The Story

      Turner Risk has a grand vision for restarting the world. His only friend, Robbie Cruz, jobless and struggling to make ends meet, teams up with his new companion Seth and high school nemesis Conner to stop Turner. But first they have to unravel his plan and find him – and they have no idea where he is.


The Bully Factor

     Turner Risk has been the victim of bullying since a young age. One day he decides to strike back by clearing out all the negatives and effectively rebooting his world.

   The film focuses on a most eventful day for Turner and Robbie. Turner’s passion for classical music and nature symbolize his desired return to a more peaceful state of being. 


     Light also plays an important part of the film. Turner’s scenes are mostly shaded, or set in dark areas, while Robbie’s are aglow with almost surrealistic light.

     The film begins and ends with a montage that introduces innocence and ends with those left without it. In that end, it is not just Turner who has been bullied. It is clear that each character has endured some level of torment – and the film’s story ultimately focuses on how they deal with that.



  • Many of the actors have gone on to other films and TV shows. Nick Fink recently appeared in MTV's Sweet/ViciousThe Fosters, and Criminal MindsCarlin James guest starred on American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace and Better Call Saul; Toru Uchikado was cast as a regular on the NBC reboot Heroes Reborn.

  • Actor Nick Fink was originally a contestant on American Idol. He has since appeared prominently in Justified, The Mentalist, Glee, and Samuel L. Jackson’s pro-Obama video “Wake the F--- Up!”

  • Carlin James, who plays Robbie, was once a professional hip hop dancer.

  • Conner is played by Rory Hart, who was originally considered for the role of Sid, the boyfriend of lead George Clooney’s daughter, in The Descendants.

  • Ann Henderson-Stires, who brings Robbie some unpleasant news, was a regular on the popular Australian TV series Sons and Daughters.

  • The actor playing Conner’s younger brother is popular fashion blogger Peter Adrian Sudarso, currently one of the Mighty Morphin Ninja Power Rangers.

  • Much of the filming was done in an actual wildlife preserve. There the actors and crew faced tepid heat, incessant insects – and no bathrooms.

  • A real gun and its exact replica were interchanged for the last act of the film.

  • Actors Minsoo Lee, from Korea, and Toru Uchikado, from Japan, each mix their native languages with English during the film.

  • Before shooting in the park bathroom, a black widow spider had to be expelled from one stall.

  • During one violent murder scene, a car window was accidentally cracked by a barefoot. Only the window suffered injuries.

  • Speaking of cars, Nick Fink had to learn to drive stick for the film.

  • To ensure authenticity, actual police officer David Williams appears in uniform near the film’s end.

  • Starbucks, Chipotle, Wahoos, and Souplantation were popular destinations during the shoot.



The day after.
Seeking Robbie.
Hunting Turner.
You Turner Risk?
Hospital pick-up.
After the attack.
Sixty dollars.
She still here?
Praise for the forest.
Who is that lady?
The lady.
...for power.
Explaining teamwork.
A woman scorned?
Caught in the act.
A visitor.
The job interview.
Fast friends.
No English.
My board's back there!



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Explaining teamwork.